PHILIPPINES -- -- After beating China in terms of economic growth in the last quarter of 2017, potential business investments have rapidly increased in the Philippines.

Because of this boost in economic development, Field Market Research (FMR) is gearing up in providing market research assistance to businesses intending to invest in the country.

FMR is a digital marketing and research team based in the Philippines and has been operating since 2007, currently managed by Bryan Cinco, founder of M Channel Digital Media.

FMR is an expert in conducting widespread campaigns on digital marketing and research, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Among the industries in which FMR has become well-versed are palm and coconut oil, gold and minerals mining, tourist development, agriculture, and technology, among others.

Due to their extensive knowledge and experience, FMR has been able to provide studies and business setup assistance for both local and foreign companies, such as Wilmar International, Korean Mining Firms, and tech development firm P3 Group Germany.

In line with this preparation to take on bigger research projects, FMR conducts trainings for its personnel consisting of research experts. These trainings are intended to hasten the skills of the staff in doing field research, including interviewing different involved stakeholders and target audiences, data gathering, and other research-related tasks being done by FMR. The staff is also trained to use communication equipment to ensure consistent information exchange while on the ground, such as the HAM radio, and setting up base stations in locations where research activities are being held.

Aside from these, the staff undergoes a safety training to make sure that they exercise safety both during and after completing the research activity.

FMR is an elite unit when it comes to field research, and the team has gained such status by means of intensive research courses and wide range of research experience, working on the goal of putting theory into practice.

With these preparations now settled, FMR is now open to taking on new and bigger clients who wish to do business in the Philippines.

For more information about FMR's activities, or would like to inquire about market research for your business that you intend to set up in the Philippines, you may contact +639175056625 or email [email protected] You may also visit their website at**(Gaungriau/MOR)